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Troubles flew away,

like a dandelion wish

blown by a child.

haiku by J.I.

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In the rain, I despise the flowers because they droop and their colors drown. I never want to see flowers again because how could they be beautiful one day, and lifeless the next? No bee can make honey on a flower in the rain.

In the snow, I enjoy the flowers because they sparkle with white puffs on their petals and I touch those petals softly, so softly they do not tear. I caress their cold stems carelessly and marvel at their covered leaves. But, no bee can make honey on a flower in the snow.

I may despise the rain and enjoy the snow but the flowers will pass either way. A buildup of water will flood and the flowers will deteriorate, one by one, until they are gone. The bees will have no more honey. The bees will be lost.

Find where you can make honey and let that flower bloom in the sun, but do not become the lost bee.

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no weed here